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We are a ‘Value Add Reseller’ working predominantly in the public sector. Our purpose is to improve efficiencies in complex organisations through the successful adoption and integration of new technologies and practices.

Our technology partners are all market leaders and our success is due to our commitment to our clients sucess. With over 30 years of experience we understand that getting the right technology is only half the solution. We work with you to taylor a change management package that includes all the training and support that your organisation needs

Our current customer base is over 400 institutions in the west of England and Wales and we work in the following catagories:


Coaching & Collaboration

We have worked with IRIS Connect for over ten years to support effective coaching in the education sector.

Visitor Management

InVentry is the market leading visitor management and site seccurity solution and we have been working with them for eight years.

Interactive Displays & Communication

We have over 25 years of experience with interactive technologies and mobile learning in the education sector.

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