Nureva Span


Span hardware creates a near-immersive virtual environment for creative teamwork.

The system components bring to life a digital canvas that transforms any group space into an effective environment for generating, sharing and iterating ideas.



The Canvas

Capture, organize and refine ideas in this expansive team workspace just as you would work with sticky notes, flip charts and images on a wall. Teams can work in a 10′ 2″ or 20′ 2″ (3.10 or 6.15 m) wide digital space and pan horizontally over a total of 40′ by 4′ (12.19 m by 1.22 m).¬† A subtle background helps contributors stay oriented within the digital space as they add and organize their digital artifacts.


Personal apps

Access a canvas through Chrome and Safari browsers or via apps on iOS and Android tablets. Create a collection of digital artifacts and store them in your tray while editing. Drag them onto the canvas when ready to share. Synchronous and asynchronous inputs are possible from all team members, whether co-located or working at a distance.



Cloud software

Contribute to a canvas anytime, anywhere, as often as needed. Everyone contributes in real time so the canvas is up-to-date. And because you have a subscription, your software always has the latest features. Creativity and collaboration can be planned or ad hoc. Work is never lost.


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